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The Commercial Office assist with the facilitation of investor work visas/permits through the Ministry of Industrialization, Trade and SME Development, to ensure efficient and smooth establishment of foreign investors.

Work visas/permits for employment are required by all individuals that intend to work or conduct a service in Namibia irrespective of duration or country of remuneration.

The High Commission does not have the mandate to issue work or business visa’s and permits. Companies that intend to conduct work for any amount of days in Namibia are advised to arrange the facilitation of visa applications from within Namibia. A supporting letter from the recipients of the service or an invitation from the company directors in Namibia should accompany the application to be launched in Windhoek, Namibia. The Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development, through Namibia Investment Centre (NIC) facilitates business and work visa’s for investors.